Corporate Events

It’s challenging to find a personalized catering service that goes beyond ordering from a menu and receiving a delivery. Stonehouse partners you with our chefs to create menus that specifically suit the unique preferences of your guests. We provide everything needed to ensure your clients are well cared for, allowing you to focus on taking care of business. Stonehouse Catering desires to meet your corporate catering needs with professionalism and personalization.

Sample cocktail receptions
Mixed greens with shaved fennel, spiced walnuts and tart apples with a sweet maple dressing, candied tomato with basil, goat cheese pissaladiere tarts, crostini with warm crab dip, Sea salt kielbasa with beer cheese hot dip, ribeye skewers with asian slaw, Tiramisu cups $32*

Sample luncheon
Grilled chicken or fish tacos with apple pear salsa (shredded cabbage/cilantro/carrot mix, pico, guacamole, cheddar, sour cream), Dill herbed potato salad with sugar snap peas, fruit platter with cheese, roasted red pepper soup, warm chocolate chip cookies $20*

Sample dinner
Garden Salad with creamy balsamic dressing, Rockmelon bruschetta with citrus fleeced goat cheese and prosciutto, Roasted Roma tomato halves with asiago, artichoke and fresh herbs, Pork tenderloin stuffed with wild rice, apples and herbs, Roasted summer squash, Mini apple dumplings $32*

*Price includes delivery and setup