Graduation Party

Your student is graduating!

Here are just a few options to get you thinking about your celebration! 

Breakfast Bar:  French toast baked with brown sugar, butter, syrup and pecans, eggs with pesto, gruyere, and fresh tomatoes; bacon and sausage; fresh melon and berries.  $12*

Grill Out: Slider bar and beer brats Toppings include cheese, bacon, pickles, Sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and bbq sauce. $12* (requires additional personnel fee for on-site grilling)

BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken: Served with soft buns, Hawaiian rolls, and mini-pretzel buns, chips, choice of salad. $12

Pasta Bar: Two choices of pasta (penne with marinara topped with mozzarella, grilled chicken alfredo, rigatoni with pink vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella) Garlic breadsticks & Salad. $10*

Mexican Fiesta: Hard and soft shell tacos, taco meat and Mexican pulled chicken, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, olives, guacamole. $10*

State Fair Party: pronto pups, cheese curds, fried pickles; candied bacon, warm chocolate chip cookies (in a paper cone), cotton candy. $17* (requires additional personnel fee for on-site frying)

Dessert Bar: Bite-sized desserts including your choice of gourmet cupcakes, triple chocolate brownie with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache; deconstructed strawberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse cups, chocolate covered strawberries, and tiramisu. $12*

A Formal Affair: Roving appetizers selection, ie. grilled shrimp skewers, grilled salami stuffed with goat cheese and raspberry, stuffed mushrooms & Caprese salad skewers (additional options discussed at consultation) Buffet table with gourmet open-faced sandwiches and fresh mixed greens salad. Dessert buffet with gourmet cupcakes, chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries and Panna Cotta with homemade triple berry sauce. $25*

*Include delivery and setup