Friday, May 29 Pulled pork sandwich with slider pretzel buns and Stonehouse potato salad 2 dinners for $25


GREAT SOCIALLY DISTANCE PICNIC IDEA – tell some friends, grab some beverages, pickup  dinner and meet at the park!

Entree: Pulled pork (GF) and 4 slider pretzel buns

Side: Stonehouse potato salad including bacon, hard boiled eggs and creamy dill yumminess *Stonehouse favorite (GF)

Vegetable: Fresh veggie assortment with homemade hummus

Salad: Fruit salad

Dinner is ready for pickup from 4-6pm.  Delivery must be selected at checkout on the credit card page of the ordering and will be delivered between 4:30-6:00pm.  Please order before noon on the day you wish to receive your dinner.

Questions?  Call 651-426-8831 or email